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Jan 7, 2013 12:00am EST
to the rest of the region. we need airports. we need roads. we need electricity generation and hotels. we have fertile soil, and we can easily begin to feed our population again and to export our products. 80 is a climate and is also blessed with geography, white sand beaches, and nature which is still, to a large extent, intact. our country has many things that are protected by nature. courageous. with its ingenuity and desire to work, and i am here today to invite you to drive the blessings of this country, and there is also potential for investment. i am here to ask you to work with us to help regain our sovereignty and to get back to the international money markets. i am here, together with you, to envision other free-trade agreements, and we call you to work together with us for intelligent and lucrative projects. i would ask you to collaborate with us, to work together with us, so that together, we can find the best ways of finding them and financing them. many retired academics dream of contributing to make our world one which is cleaner and more equitable. the same thing to us. so they
Jan 30, 2013 5:00am PST
, the regional sustainable strategy, and regional transportation plan also known as rtp scs. for the new commissioners who didn't have to suffer through the acronyms and all the details -- all of the san francisco project that needed to be the financial constraint portion of the plan are in there. it is an important milestone. they can continue to seek federal funds and approvals from the federal government. we also have project specific wins, two to highlight, mtc naming the downtown extension of caltrans, as two regional priorities. 500 million committed to the transit performance initiative. this is super important. something that tilly helped generate advocacy. this will allow investment in the urban corridor to make our existing transit infrastructure their work better, trying to identify bart and muni project that will provide more reliable and faster service. also the recent update funds, san francisco transportation plan. this helped develop the prop k expenditure plan. hitting on the ground. it is being done in parallel with the regional transportation plan; the regional
Jan 7, 2013 4:30pm PST
the things that make a super bowl an unbelievable experience. i'm happy to see a football team bring a region together for the largest day in sports. more people for one single event will be watching this than just about anything in the world. i'm happy to go to work with the other owners, lobby the other nfl owners to make sure they see how great the bay area can be. it will be an unbelievable time, unbelievable event. we need everybody to make it work. so i will turn it over to daniel, because he's got a lot of work to do. >>> i called supervisor mark ferrell before the news came. i know he's been working hard on this. i asked if he would be willing to be our point person for the board of supervisors. he is excited and i'm happy to be working on this. >> thanks, daniel. to mayor lee as well. board president david chu, jed, mr. silverstein. thank you. how lucky are we? over the past few weeks we have seen america's cup, fleet week, giants home games, 49ers and countless other festivals. as we sit here a few hours from another great day of san francisco sports, with the 9ers hosting the seaha
Jan 29, 2013 12:00pm PST
been the catalyst for the other city agencies, the regional transit operators who will primarily be the lamenting agencies to go on and deliver projects and programs to take on innovative policies and programs. we as an independent agency have had the ability and the kurds to go ahead and push the envelope on a lot of ideas, harder the more established institutions to deal with. while the authority could not accomplish their job without this agencies, is in no small part to the leadership of the board. if you want to add something, dive in. as you all know we are climbing out of the deep financial recession. we have revenues that are eight percent higher than last year read use, -- other funds have come to pass such as the prop 1 an and 1b funds form the state, letting prop k funds be spent later. we have not had to issue long-term debt which keeps more money for projects and we continue to rely on a short-term commercial paper program. this is a very high-level summary of the allocations and expenditures made from the prop k sales tax rpogram. detailed report on pages 46-47.
Jan 14, 2013 10:30am PST
to find one another and to press, to put pressure on mayors and regional ministers to commit themselves to invest in bicycle policies. so those towns can learn from one another. as i told you, brussels, i have found several similarities with the two towns i have been getting to know now yesterday and today. we have about one million inhabitants. brussels is 10 to 10 miles on distance and i agree with what has been told here that that is in favor of promoting cycling because the distances are never too long, although we also have a difference of height. i mean, like amsterdam is plat as a pancake we would say. brussels does have some, well, ups and downs. an important issue politically is that we have -- we are, in fact, giving big gross national product to the country, 20%, although we're only 10% of the population, but yet most workforce is coming from abroad, from flounders, from outs. so they are coming in at 9:00 in the morning and the workers are again leaving to the north or the south of the country in the evening and we have ourselves a population with also considerable amount of
Jan 4, 2013 2:30pm PST
janeiro. >> it has triggered heavy flooding in the region killing one man leaving hundreds homeless. what's the hardest hit is the mountainous region north of the city. >> what was once a street is now a raging torrent. flash floods causing misery 4000 in the north of the state of rio de janeiro. within minutes, the downpour triggering massive mudslides a sweeping away entire houses. they have only seconds to get to safety. >> the girls were sleeping in the living room and we had just enough time to grab them and go to the roof. it happened very quickly. >> my neighbors told me to get out. when i got outside with my husband, the water had washed everything away. we almost drowned. our neighbors have given a shelter. >> people here fear the entire hillside could slide down the mountain taking their village with them. work was under way to shore up the settlement but they often build without planning permission and the authority struggles to keep pace. for now, the emphasis is on getting people out alive. >> the important thing is to save lives. material things can be replaced. >> they have
Jan 4, 2013 6:00am PST
a recovery path, supported in part by needs created by restoration projects in the disaster-hit region. additional monetary policy easing will also help the economy to grow. >> meanwhile, a chief analyst is a little more cautious. he says he's not sure if the decline will continue. he warns that the yen could start strengthening again if the u.s. economy recovery loses steam or if japan's efforts to pull itself out of deflation fail. >>> asia plays an increasing my important role in the global economy but some question whether the region can sustain its growth. starting today we'll be bringing you a series of interviews with business and financial leaders. the head of the asian development bank gave us an interview. >> reporter: while the global economic outlook remains uncertain, asian region remains a bright spot. >> to some extent compared with the u.s. and europe and also compared with latin america and africa. asia will be the fastest growing economy in the world. >> reporter: in contrast, the japanese economy is showing signs of weakness. the new prime minister sinko abe says he
Jan 21, 2013 11:30pm PST
of you. michael, we will start with you. we know government is the regional -- at the regional, state, and local level can help or hinder startup companies. what would you like to see from the governments here in the valley, sacramento, or in d.c., that would strengthen the innovation economy? >> i could go on about immigration and corporate tax policy reform, but i am a researcher, so i will not. >> and we have seven minutes. >> mayor lee said it perfectly. the fundamental thing that companies are looking for is to be engaged in the process. we use a term in computing called agile. we look for more ability and the possibility to work with us, iterate in the process, rather than what we often see as we call the waterfall, take-it-or- leave-it. flexibility and agility is what is most important. >> mayor lee? >> i have always thought of our city as being the gateway to the rest of the world. i have often talked, with companies, i want to be with you when you turn the corner. we want to be the city that treats international markets for your products. i do not know if you know this but we
Jan 12, 2013 2:30am PST
association. next to him is david brig, regional and local water system manager for the san francisco public utilities commission and finally but not least, romel an jell lus, manager for san francisco wireless. i have drafted several questions for our panel to answer and will hopefully have time at the end to take questions from the audience. before we start our panel discussion, i wanted it share with you what we are doing in san francisco to advance our lifeline's resilence we are the first major u.s. city to (inaudible) post katrina where he saw firsthand where a critical role these systems played in the city's recovery. i am honored to chair the council because i feel it's crucial that the public sector work side by side with our private sector partners to do everything we can today to ensure we will meet the needs of our residents in the days, weeks and years after a disaster. the objective of the lifeline council are to develop and improve collaboration in the city and county across regions regularly -- to develop and improve collaboration in the city and across the region by regula
Jan 12, 2013 4:30am PST
that the united states had the highest economic and security interests in the asia pacific region. not in europe as has been for 100 years prior to that, than the asia pacific region. secondly, that we would maintain freedom of access throughout that region. in particular, we would maintain the sea lanes in that area, whatever the challenge might be. even as we reduce our defense budget, therefore we must maintain and would maintain a powerful navy, and that that navy would be charged with maintaining the freedom of those sea lanes. we had, of course, to be concerned as to whether there would be a challenge for that. we observed that the rise and shine has more energy needs for more energy than they can produce themselves, and to maintain the economic growth which they believe is essential. we observed that the south china sea is a potential source of energy supplies for china and that there is a contention among the nations in that region as to where the ownership and rights of access are to the south china sea. and this is conceivable that china might seek to reestablish its claim there by mil
Jan 27, 2013 9:30am EST
the capital region. this is "washington business report" with abc7 national correspondent rebecca cooper. >> thanks for jojoining us for a look at busess anand finance the washington r region. we started the week with the president's swearing in, but he was not given mucuch time for our honeymoon. the debtbt ceili was postponed until may but other deadlines are them in march. for all ththe kidsds want t deep c cuts in social prorograms, while democrats insist -- republicans wanteeper cuts s in social prrams while demrats i insist they must be coupled with tax increases. as yogi berra would say, deja all over again. first, it is time for the annual book of lists. "the washington busins journal's" run o out of the biggest, best, and fastest growing in the region. joining us is one of our favorites, jennifer nycz- conner "washingt business journal's" special secti producer and so much more. the book of lists tells you everything you want to know about washington business, from a whwho is in, who is out, what is up, what is downwn. one of the most intnteresting this is t fastest-growin -- i
Jan 20, 2013 11:30am EST
regime, that the whole region would take notice. i think people around that region would begin to question where the future was going. i think pakistan would have serious challenges to its own ability to maintain stability. because if you think about it, they've got a pakistani taliban insurgency which is very dangerous, an afghan taliban run afghanistan would be a staging area to support that. so i think pakistan's stability would at least be challenged. >> i want to ask you about intelligence gathering and the treatment of prisoners, part of the legacy of this war on terror. a piece in the "los angeles times" i read this week and it was interesting because she said, look, we have to look at the totality of the fight to get bin laden. and there was incredible work done behind the scenes, incredible work done by intelligence officers in this country. and, yes, moral lines were crossed. but that's all part of the mix in terms of achieving the result. to the extent that enhanced interrogation techniques even what some people may consider torture was used in the successful hunt fo
Jan 31, 2013 2:30pm PST
-aircraft missiles from syria into lebanon. >> we will speak to an expert on the region later. first, this report. >> the israeli government has not issued any statement, but national papers are full of the news. u.s. officials say the raid targeted a weapons convoy headed for members of hezbollah, an ally of the syrian president. but the syrian government denied the existence of the vehicles, saying the israeli planes bombed a research center near damascus. russia says the facts are not yet clear but adds that any air strike would be completely unacceptable. >> we are analyzing the information as we receive it. if the allegations are confirmed, then it is our position this is a serious breach of the united nations charter. this would be an unacceptable action against a sovereign government. >> the syrian media say two people were killed when israeli jets bombed the research center near damascus and five more injured. israel has not commented on the allegations, but the israeli government had warned syria this week that it would not accept any syrian weapons falling into the hands of hezbollah. i
Jan 29, 2013 11:30am PST
in the relationship to jobs, housing. i think this is if you will a more contemporary frame. at the regional level we have been quite active. the conversation of how to do "smart growth" is still right, not a recipe off the shelf. doing also equitable transportation development is also a puzzle. this body continues to be a leader in helping to figure out that puzzle without necessarily having all the answers. we continue to be ahead of the curve; this bodies an excellent place, san francisco is an excellent laboratory; from the affordable housing standpoint we look forward to working with you all and the new chair. >> thank you. commissioner cohen? >> good morning everyone. i want to make a couple of comments. i represent many of the southeast neighborhoods. i have an acute in detailed understanding of the shortcomings of the cities transportation for structure. i am a member of the regional board governs caltrain. in determining the future of the regions transportation agencies, i want to talk about the imperative things that the next chair will have the sole responsibility of seeing - of be
Jan 29, 2013 9:30pm PST
of the regional board governs caltrain. in determining the future of the regions transportation agencies, i want to talk about the imperative things that the next chair will have the sole responsibility of seeing - of being a steward to get it done recognizing the inequities that have existed in our transportation expenditures. i want to make sure our need is lined -- our resources i lined up where our needs are. working with ntc and bart, to make sure that we are planning on the modernization of the regional transit lines and looking for smart ways to expand transportation in our city. it is important to leverage the local sales tax dollars to complement and support of the city funded infrastructure investment coming from voter approved initiatives such as the street bond that we all i think worked on. working in tandem with mta to deliver pedestrian safety, traffic calming and other improvements faster and more efficiently and very fair and process to select our executive director. i believe that commissioner avalos will be able to handily take the wheel and help us usher and addresses k
Jan 27, 2013 11:00am EST
region opposed u.s. military operation. this is not a few that slightly held. in fact, passionately and intensely help but here's one measure of why. when only one in 10 people, flat top, flat top, one and 10 full-time residents, in tribal areas think that suicide attacks are ever justified against pakistani military forces, almost six in 10 believe these attacks are justified against the united states military. much of the antipathy towards the united states stems from one cause and one cause really only. and that against cia director jon strikes on militants living in the area. more than three quarters of fatah residents oppose these strikes. however, this opposition to american military policy does not mean that the people of fatah embrace the taliban or al qaeda. in fact, it's quite the opposite. fewer than 10% of the people in the area supported the presence of al qaeda and less than 20% supported the pakistani taliban. and here's a telling finding asked this question. it was peterburg as i decide to give them credit for. on previous polls we have conducted, not with new americ
Jan 27, 2013 7:00pm EST
a shift in the regional balance of power. we arguing about these two are inextricably linked. the successes that the islamic republic is driving, that they are linked and it is in fact americans dysfunctional policy towards the islamic republic of iran, which is part of our decline in the middle east. we also argue will take strategic realignment of the united states that the islamic republic of iran to enable america's strategic recovery in the middle east. we unpack these arguments by examining the bases for u.s. dominance in the middle east, something increasingly driven since the end of the cold war by americans in a capability to project enormous amounts of conventional military force in the middle east. no one else can project this kind of military force in the middle east today or for years to come. this has given the united states extraordinary economic and political influence in the middle east and in fact reinforced are military and economic dominance and other key parts of the world. but our failures in afghanistan and iraq in particular have underscored especially
Jan 10, 2013 8:00am PST
are controlled by chÁvez. they want an election in october from a regional elections in december. chÁvez has enormous compassion, generates sympathy among the venezuelan people. the government has the upper hand. as we just heard, henrique capriles is beginning to come out and make statements because i think people are getting ready for an election. i think the government probably has the edge, but that is the situation we are in. >> miguel tinker salas, you have questioned whether there is a constitutional crisis as much as the press reporting has made out, or whether this is really more a strategy of the opposition and external opponents of the chÁvez government. could you talk about that? >> sure. if this was any other country, we would not be having this conversation. those constitutions are very similar to the venezuelan constitution, which clearly states in article 231 a president cannot be inaugurated a for the national assembly on january 10, he or she can be sworn in and a subsequent time before the supreme court. the issue is that a constitutional crisis. although i think the oppo
Jan 4, 2013 9:00am EST
to the members of the region if they agree to a bifurcation they would take up the 27 billion it so that some of their members could look decent and vote for assistance to people in need of public assistance to say in natural disaster assistance and the others that didn't want to go to the 33, well, they just need a fewer number of republicans and the democrats would carry the day for them. i don't think that they should take the deal. they thought they should, and here we are with $9 billion today. hopefully that will pass. so i would hope that whatever minor concerns they have about this, that or the other thing in the bill, the major initiative of being there for the american people and time of natural disaster as we have been with katrina, the midwest, california, all of these places that we should be there for them. in fact this is the largest delay on any natural disaster assistance since last year. hurricane irene affected a large part of the northeast as well. the same region although broader swaths of the east coast of the country. i hope that the end of the day enough republicans wo
Jan 10, 2013 6:00am PST
. >>> japanese prime minister shinzo abe is planng to get better acquainted with other leaders in his region. he's traveling to vietnam, thailand and indonesia next week. it will be his first trip abroad since taking office last month. chief cabinet secretary yoshihide suga says the four-day tour to the members of the association of southeast asian nations will start next wednesday. >> translator: the strategic environment has been changing drastically in the asia pacific region. it is crucial that japan strengthen its cooperative ties with asean members to secure peace and prosperity in this area. >> suga denied suggestions from the media that china's expansion in the south china sea is the main reason for the visit. he and prime minister abe want to firm up economic partnerships with these fast-growing asian countries, which are leading global economic growth. >>> senior officials of the ruling liberal democratic party and it's coalition party have agreed on abe's economic stimulus plan. the agreement came on thursday at a meeting attended by abe who is also the ldp leader and new komeito lead
Jan 23, 2013 6:00am PST
destabilize the region. whatever the composition of the incoming coalition, the focus will continue to be on what prime minister netanyahu will say and do. >> islamist militants may have timed their attack on a natural gas plant in the algerian desert to coincide with an important event. took hundreds of workers hostage last wednesday. a meeting scheduled for the same day. algerian security forces surrounded the plant after the attack and fought their way in. 37 foreign nationals died in the operation. three japanese are still missing. one of them, a senior official of the japanese engineering firm jgc corporation, scheduled to attend a meeting with bp on the day the hostage siege started. bp leads the gas development project. britain's "daily telegraph" newspaper is reporting that a vice president was killed when the militants attacked. there is speculation someone leaked information about the meeting to extremists. >>> seven japanese nationals have been confirmed dead. their friends and relatives are expressing their sadness and anger. nhk's keiko abe reports. >> reporter: rokura
Jan 6, 2013 2:00pm PST
spread to regional countries, something which is rejected by the whole of the international communities. so no party is left with different options. there's only one option for everybody. it's becoming very clear, particularly today after the defiant turn of assad that if something is not done immediately in the weeks to come, we just will be bracing ourselves in a catastrophic situation in syria. >> hashim, which brings me to my last question. perhaps this is an obvious one to ask but opposition listening to the speech, i'm guessing the only way forward is more violence? >> well, they were not really in the beginning pinning high hopes on whatever assad would say, particularly his vision for the future of syria. they were expecting him to agree to raise the same oppositions about him being in power and opposition has never been genuine and it's been manipulated. but when he was lashing out today at the opposition, describing them as a bunch of murders, used by the western neighboring countries to destabilize and undermine the sovereignty of syria, they said there's no way we will talk
Jan 15, 2013 7:00pm PST
. the friend said they are targeting rebels with links to al qaeda, but the region has a mixture of ethnic groups and secularists. they declared independence in last year -- last year. many have fled from the capital, fearful of revenge attacks. he decided to stay and help promote his people's culture. he said they want peace and reject a strict islamic laws imposed by some. >> you can say that maybe it is a fringe group of rebels, but most tuaregs are not part of this rebellion. >> the rebels say they are open to negotiations but have not ruled out attempts to capture the city. the french join the conflict after a plea from the malian government. it was supposed to be a short deployment but has turned into a bloody campaign. >> while france has honored a helicopter pilot killed during the first day of its intervention in mali, he was cleared -- he was killed by rebel fire. french president francois holland says he stands by his decision to send troops into the country. >> it had not taken this decision on friday morning, where would mali be now? given their intention to go and seek a posi
Jan 20, 2013 2:00pm PST
, unfortunately for honduras, we still see showers along the coastal region. that has been going on for days and we think it will be light as we make our way toward the beginning of the week. plenty of sunshine in the forecast. mexico city, about 18 degrees. let's all go to canada. at temperatures are going to be cold. an arctic outbreak happening now with a storm system pushing through and pulling in northerly temperatures. in winnipeg, -25. in ottawa, about -19 degrees. the snow will be a major problem. new york only getting up to zero. in atlanta, about 11 degrees for you. >> and look at the headlines here -- u.s. president barack obama has been officially sworn in for a second term at the swearing-in ceremony in the white house. a larger public swearing-in will take place on monday. reports some of the kidnappers were captured in algeria. french troops in mali have launched new attacks against rebels. taking you back to our top story -- president barack obama's inauguration. let's go live now to washington d.c. you were giving us a sense of the programs of the president is mapping out. h
Jan 24, 2013 10:00pm EST
region during the friday evening rush hour. so we are concerned that maybe there will be a little bit of slippery going for some of you. let me show you where the system is now. it's not a huge storm that comes up the east coast. it's a fast moving system centered over the dakotas, the snow toward minneapolis streaking toward chicago. it's making its way toward d.c. it's going to be real fast. i'm thinking we'll only see about three to six hours worth of snow, but round 2 will come in the afternoon, no problems for the morning rush hour, although boy, is it cold. we'll show you temperatures in a moment. this will develop friday afternoon probably after 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. it will be very fine dry snow, the kind of fairy dust we had last night, glut could be slick spots as this comes -- but there could be slick spots as this comes down during rush hour. maybe another small accumulation of very dry fluffy snow, but with these temperatures as cold as they are we have to expect this will stick to all untreated surfaces. right now no winter weather advisories. there are winter s
Jan 13, 2013 6:00am EST
is needed is working more closely to reintegrate the afghanistan into the regional economy. this includes enhancing and building more power grids. pakistan needs power. it needs access to energy. afghanistan needs power. if you create interdependency between these countries, especially countries that are not on friendly terms with each other, which will enhance the chances of stability to allot more more expensive projects could be pipelines and others, but at least the national grid, railroads. fortunately, pakistan is extending its railroad into kandahar. the railroad from central asia will connect now across afghanistan, north and south. we can really rebuild afghanistan as a crossroad or roundabout of trade. that is key. internally, improving access to capital in afghanistan by providing political incentives, in terms of political assurance, making more credit available for investment by international companies in afghanistan, allowing afghan companies to have access to easier credit -- these are the key issues that could help afghanistan on the economic front. more importantly, a cle
Jan 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
of western australia. it is named narel. now moving in a southwesterly direction toward the coastal regions. it is not going to be directly affecting the region within the next 48 hours. but gale-force winds will be on the watch in the coastal regions soon. this is a category 2 as of now, but it's going to become category 4 hurricane -- excuse me, tropical cyclone in the next 24 hours as it approaches the region. it's not directly affecting the region, as i mentioned, but indirectly it is going to be exacerbating the tropical moisture and dumping some thundershowers across the region in and around port headland. now, let me show you the temperatures. this has been the trend. 38 in port headland. very hot there. darwin at 32. finally, due to that cold front passing through the regions here in tasmania and in new south wales. sydney down to 25 from what we had yesterday, 42.5, record-breaking heat, has been continuing. finally, that relief. but toward your weekend yet again another soaring temperatures to come for you. and also the humidity as mentioned is very low. and the strong winds. all
Jan 4, 2013 10:30am PST
studies. that a new start with you. we have heard from those working in the region. they say this approach is effective. is it? >> the results are positive. it goes to many of the points that were raised. this model has much more to speak for sustainability that forced eradication model, which land -- landto replanting after replanting. this gives -- led to replanting after replanting. that was a recipe for un sustainability. this can sustain -- contain and reduce in a way that is politically viable. katherine did point out that there were some key aspects to this program. after the president kicked out the drug enforcement agency in 2009, the country implemented a system that permits the use of cocaine for traditional use. grow worse are registered and lemons are strictly enforced. -- and limits are strictly enforced. the government relies on growers policing each of the. multiple violations can lead to punishment by the entire -- the government relies on grow worse policing each other. multiple violations can lead to punish them by the entire grow worse -- growers union. let's talk a lit
Jan 21, 2013 2:00pm PST
together under one roof. a putting the human trafficking task force regional effort. even though we are in the middle of hiring 1000 officers over the next six years, a critical piece of that and i will read this draft, officers convicted of domestic violence shall not be considered. it will be policy. we have about 5000 applicants so far in the first 10 days. i want the message to be clear that there is no place in the san francisco police department for those folks. that is my shtick. the captaincy work hard to bring you up to speed about the domestic violence unit, now part of svu and what they do in san francisco. we are committed to keep san francisco safe regardless of the place of origin or language efforts. the things that we can do easily we will go quickly. the things that will take a little bit of work or money we will figure out. captain? >> thank you chief. i'm sorry. i am the last one up. i have been asked to speak on a few items. i will try to get through it as quickly as possible. bear with me. when i get to the presentation, once i am completed i will b
Jan 22, 2013 11:00pm EST
grados es el pronostico para maÑana miercoles... hola que tal?... bienvenidos!! la region esta sufriendo las temperaturas mas bajas en lo que va de la presente temporada invernal... damos inicio con fanny gutierrez, para que nos cuente por cuanto tiempo mas se quedara el frio reinante... fanny, buenas noches!!.. buenas noches mario, totalmente de acuerdo con usted entre hoy y maÑana vamos a estar sintiendo de seguro uno de los dias mas frios de esta temporada de invierno y en cuanto a la pregunta hasta cuando tendremos estas condiciones... bueno, la respuesta no es muy alentadora pues se espera que las maximas continuen entre los 25 y 30 grados por lo que resta de la semana... de hecho maÑana esperamos un dia con temperaturas congelantes y ya hablamos de la posibilidad de nieve para el proximo viernes... ..gracias fanny...y mientras las bajas temperaturas afectan nuestra zona, el frio podria ser una amenaza para la salud. los medicos recomiendan precaucion y organizaciones se preparan para ayudar a desamparados. maria rosa lucchini con el reportaje. se demoro.. pero llego y
Jan 25, 2013 6:00am PST
reversal in the kind of hopes that we had for that region. >> there's some snarky tweets after mitt romney said that, but turns out, hindsight, he was right on. next, democratic senator chris coons on what secretary clinton calls a very serious ongoing threat. you're watching "the daily rundown," only on msnbc. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing fiber one 80 calorie chocolate cereal. ♪ chocolate. >>> if the last ten years were about targeting terrorists in the middle east, the next ten will likely be focused on them in north africa. we're looking at the dramatic developments in countries like algeria and mali, all of them in north africa, a region seemingly tailor made for al qaeda activity. the u.s. and its allies are concerned that a toxic mix of poverty, high unemployment, and a large population under 35 and weak governments across the region make it easy for militan militants to gain a foothold, particularly since the u.s. has been relaying on locals to try and keep the peace. >> what we have to do is recognize we're
Jan 12, 2013 6:00am EST
holds clear and progress and prosperity but the standards of our region and afghanistan. now will afghanistan, 10 years from now be a very prosperous country? will they have resolved all the difficulties? will afghanistan be a super power? no. but afghanistan will be a country that will be moving forward. education will grow better. thousands of students will graduate in our own universities. thousands more will come from studies abroad who are now studying abroad. the democracy and institutions that democracy requires will grow, there will be more elections. there will be more institutional reform. there will be a better government but afghanistan will continue to face problems, there may be violence and there might be other challenges as we move forward but the speed of progress will move and will not stop. will afghanistan remember the united states as a country that helped or a country that did not help? definitely afghanistan will remember the united states as a country that helped. definitely afghanistan will remember that it was the u.s. assistance that brought so much
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